The Importance of Getting Knowledgeable Bail Advice in Burleson, Texas Before Taking Action

Although the bail system may seem straightforward enough, there are inherent risks for anyone posting cash bail or arranging a surety bond for a loved one. Bail advice in Burleson, Texas should be sought if the individual does not understand these risks and is acting without careful thought. Sometimes people feel desperate when a spouse, domestic partner, or son or daughter are in jail after being arrested and charged with a crime.

The Main Risk

The main risk is losing the money put up for bail or a bond if the defendant runs away or doesn’t show up for required court appearances. Cash bail is returned if the person makes all court dates, even if they are eventually convicted of this crime. The fee for a bail bond is not returned, but nobody has to pay the full bail because the surety bond is in place.

However, if the defendant flees, the person who arranged for the bond may become liable for the full cash bail. That’s because the bail bonds service has automatically become liable once this individual does not appear in court as scheduled.

This is why getting knowledgeable bail advice in Burleson, Texas is so important before taking on this type of risk.

Co-Signing for a Bond

Sometimes the defendant actually arranges for a surety bond but needs a co-signer. The risk remains the same. As with a loan, the co-signer becomes responsible if the person defaults. A co-signer is required by a company such as Rogers Bail Bonds if the defendant is not strongly tied to the community and would not find skipping town to be much of an inconvenience. Strong ties are indicated by having a secure job for a long time, owning a business, owning a home, being from the community originally, or having close family in the area.

The Next Step

After the person is released from jail on bond, the next step, if it has not already been completed, is to find a criminal defense attorney for legal representation. Now the man or woman can begin figuring out how to proceed without trying to do so behind bars.

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