The Importance of Ethical Conduct

A written code of ethical conduct is extremely important for any business. If anyone in your company disregards the ramifications of your or any standard code of conduct it can lead to serious issues with your clients and governmental agencies. Establishing a code can allows for easier decision making at every level of your organization by removing any uncertainty or personal viewpoints regarding morality and ethical behavior.

The Purpose of Having a Written Code
If you have a written code then you have a plan for managers and employees for follow when in doubt as to whether or not an action is right. A formal code can also aid your business in protecting its reputation and save you from legal action if an employee does disobey any law pertaining to ethical conduct. Once you have a written code in place that is the time you should hold code of conduct training to make the parameters very clear.

The Process of Writing and Keeping Your Code Current
Writing a code of conduct can be easily done by a company executive sitting in his office, but having them actually work across the board for a number of individuals, all having their own moral codes can be a different matter. When you prepare your code it will work far better if you involve a cross-section of your employees in the process. You should also revise your code on a regular basis to keep it current in response to any changes in pertinent rules, regulations or laws.

Training and Compensation Incentives
Wise companies will make sure that there code is important to their employees. Carry through on training for new hires and hold regular training seminars for all employees to keep them up to date on the current standards. Using compensation enticements to ensure compliance can greatly increase employee conformity. IS Interactive Service offers great training services in many languages that are easily customizable for the needs of your company. Visit their website and check out all the options available to you.

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