The Importance of Can Bus Devices

Today’s vehicles have the need for intricate electronic systems as more and more devices are controlled by microprocessors and computer components. This has created the need for a controller area network or CAN. Let’s take a closer look at products like Eaton Can Bus and check out their importance to the automotive industry today.

What is Can Bus?

Can Bus is a computer area network bus. A bus refers to an inner communications network which allows components of a vehicle to communicate with each other without the need for a special host computer. This not only simplifies vehicle operation, using components like Eaton Can Bus devices makes it easier to monitor, diagnose and repair problems. It also increases vehicle efficiency.

Can Bus technology started in the early 1980s at Robert Bosch in Germany. By the late 80s, this technology had spread and BMW came out with the first Can Bus system in 1988. In 1993, the technology became standardized and standards could then be purchased from ISO.

Can Bus Applications Today

You will see Can Bus in several important applications. Of course it is still in use in the automotive industry today. In fact, modern vehicles may contain up to 70 ECUs to take care of all communications. There are special units for the engine, transmission, braking system, cruise control, and even the sound systems.

Here is an example of Can Bus technology. The motor runs at a specific speed or RPM. It communicates this speed to the transmission, so it knows when to automatically shift gears. Plus, today’s engines do not use cam driven distributors and timing is determined electronically. This are only two of hundreds of communications which are going on in your car as you drive down the road.


Modern bicycles have become very sophisticated and for serious bikers, electronic shifting is now an option. Instead of manually shifting gears with levers, shifting can easily be done by flipping switches instead. This allows for fast, even, shifting and can improve performance. This is possible today thanks to Can Bus technology.

Video Game Enhancement

With the help of Can Bus, realistic video games come to life before the eyes of the gamer. This is used for special racing games which utilize GPS info and allows players to compete against each other in real situations.

Computer Network Architecture and Data Transmission

Thanks to sophisticated products like Eaton Can Bus technology, intricate communications systems can be developed which allow many ECUs to communicate simultaneously, creating a Can network. This can also serve as a gateway for Ethernet or USB connections.

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