The Importance of Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh When Someone in the Home Is Allergic

Bumble bees are considered beneficial insects because they are active pollinators of food-bearing plants and flowers. They are commonly seen in yards, gardens and unimproved land, doing some of the work that honeybees used to when wild populations of those bees were larger. Although bumble bees typically are not aggressive unless they feel threatened, residential property owners may feel nervous about the insects if someone in the household is allergic to bee stings. They can call for professional Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

Honey Bees and Bumble Bees

When honey bees start building a colony on residential property, pest control services can send professional beekeepers to the home to safely remove the insects. Those bees are greatly in demand for their pollination activity as well as for honey.

This isn’t the case with bumble bees, however. They don’t produce honey and they aren’t as effective as honey bees for pollination in agriculture. There are commercial beekeepers with bumble bee colonies, but it’s uncommon to find them connected with pest control services.

Also, their nests are much smaller. A nest typically would contain no more than 40 of these critters, but thousands of honey bees can live in one colony. Hiring a service for professional Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh will probably result in the spraying of the nest after all the bees are back inside for the night. The elimination of this nest will not have the significant impact that killing all the honey bees in one colony would.

Bee Sting Allergies

Bumble bees have an important role in nature, but unfortunately, respect for these insects must be balanced against the harm they could do to a person who is allergic to their venom. A child can accidentally step barefoot onto a bee sitting on a dandelion. An adult could be stung while absent-mindedly swatting at an insect thought to be a fly.

For most people, these incidents are unpleasant for a short time, but for those who are allergic, the stings can be deadly. The home’s residents will want service from an organization such as The-Beeman. More information can be seen at

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