The Importance of Arborists

You may have heard of the term “arborists” before, but may not know exactly what they are. Learn more about who these people are and what their importance is below. What is an Arborist? Arborists in Asheville and other locations are professionals who are trained and knowledgeable in the maintenance and care of trees. This means that they have a great deal of knowledge in tree biology, as well as in the correct techniques for planting trees, pruning (maintaining) them, and removing them when they must be removed from the ground. Arborists also have a great deal of knowledge in recognizing and treating various diseases that afflict trees, as well as pests that can cause great harm to them. Importance An arborist is very important for many reasons. One is that they know how to maintain the health of the trees on your property that are in good health. This includes knowing what types of trees will grow best in your area and what types of soil will give that tree the best chance to survive and thrive on your property. A second reason is that they can diagnose when one or more trees on your property are afflicted with some type of illness or disease. They can also determine whether a remedy can be applied to help the tree regain its good health or if it has to be removed from your property. A third reason is that these specialists know when and how to properly remove trees so that there is as little disruption to your property and the ecosystem as possible.

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