The Future Is Here: Incorporating 3D Printing Solutions in California with Prosthetics

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Health

Advancements in technology have significantly influenced the medical field positively.

Prosthetics technology is one such example that has changed people’s lives over the years.

The use of 3D printing solutions in prosthetics is now becoming increasingly popular in

California. The technology has entirely revolutionized the design and manufacturing of

medical devices.

In this blog, we discuss how 3D printing solutions in California can be incorporated with


Design and Customization

3D printing solutions have addressed customization issues that standard prosthetics have

presented. The technology allows doctors to create prosthetics that match a patient’s unique

needs. For example, a person with a congenital disorder will require a customized prosthetic

device. 3D printing solutions have made this achievable by enabling doctors to create

prosthetics that fit a patient’s unique shape.

Reduced Production Time

Traditional manufacturing processes can sometimes take weeks or months to complete a

single prosthetic device. On the other hand, 3D printing solutions for prosthetics and

orthotics solutions in California, allow for faster and less expensive manufacturing. The

technology has introduced the speedy production of prosthetics with less material waste,

making it an eco-friendly solution.


3D printing solutions from Vorum can exponentially lower the cost of prosthetic

manufacturing. The time and material cost are significantly reduced, making the prosthetic

more affordable for patients. Through this technology, low-income patients can now have

access to prosthetics, as the cost of donor assistance devices is eliminated.

Improved Quality

3D printing solutions in California have brought with them unique qualities, leading to

improved prosthetic quality. The technology allows for the integration of adaptive

technologies into prosthetics, improving functionality, and the design of devices. The

prosthetic can incorporate additional features to match the patient’s lifestyle while offering

durability and optimal fit.

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