The First Hours of Asphalt Driveway in Guilford CT That Make it Last Years

Asphalt should last a really long time if it is applied well. Yet, that is often not the case. With companies trying to shave costs off their paving and offer a cheap service, the quality is taking a hit. With that said, asphalt will naturally age over time. The efforts of a qualified professional can slow down that aging process as much as possible, and it largely begins in the earliest stages of the application. What causes asphalt to age and how can it be slowed down?

Fresh asphalt begins as an extremely hot mixture. This blocks it off from all external threats for a period of time (due to the heat, and factors of scientific physics). Yet, the asphalt will begin to cool. This is where it is at its most vulnerable.

The asphalt driveway in Guilford, CT is a mixture that includes a binding agent. This binding agent is necessary, but it is also where the vulnerabilities occur. The two external threats that affect asphalt the most are oxygen and water. When oxygen and water impact the asphalt, they cause a chemical change with the binding agent. The basic idea is that the agent weakens and deteriorates.

The presence of water and oxygen will basically deteriorate the binding agent just enough to allow it to harden, solidify, and close the loose and wet asphalt around it. It’s a necessary process. But, it can often go too far. Problems occur if the agent is exposed to too much water and oxygen during the hardening. The process goes too far in the wrong direction.

If the process does go too far, it will actually break up the asphalt. This is how small pieces seem to separate from the core of the application, and loose stones float to the top. Generally, this is a natural process that takes years. Water and oxygen get into small cracks, and that perpetuates the problem. But, this can also happen over a few weeks.

The above is why a professional is necessary for asphalt driveway in Guilford, CT. The actions taken in those first few hours (maintaining the presence of water and oxygen for the hardening) are infinitely vital. A bad job early on will just make the asphalt bad, and that is no way to end up.

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