The Features of a Good Carpet Steam Cleaner in Allentown, PA

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Business

Steam is the most popular way to clean a carpet. It’s popular for several different reasons, but mostly because the process works. Steam works in a few different ways. A carpet steam cleaner in Allentown, PA sprays steam deep into the carpet fibers. The heat of the steam works to excite the different molecules of dirt that might be in your carpet. Exciting them makes them move and makes them easier to move. It’s the same reason you use hot water to wash your dishes.

Water Soluble

In addition to heat, the steam works because it will dissolve anything that is water soluble. Any salts or particulates that dissolve in water will be dissolved in steam. The heat will help them dissolve faster. A company such as Lehigh Valley Vacuum uses steam and cleaning products that will enhance the effectiveness of the steam.

In addition to steam, a good floor cleaning product is usually added to the water. This product is typically some kind of detergent that helps get rid of particulates that are not water soluble. If they’re not water soluble, they can often be removed by some kind of detergent that cuts through oil or grease.


You need to choose a carpet steam cleaner that uses a product that is safe for your carpet. While it’s important that you have a powerful cleaning product, it needs to be one that is safe for your carpet as well.

A carpet steam cleaner should not use bleach or similar products, except on white carpet. Bleach and other products of that nature are dangerous for your carpet. They can also be dangerous to your vacuum cleaner accessories which could possibly be damaged by the products. If you need to have your carpet cleaned, your best option is to let professionals do it. They’ll have reliable products that are safe for your pets as well as you and your family.

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