The Difference Between Medical Caregiver and Companion Care Services in Jacksonville, FL

There are many services available to help elderly clients remain in their homes, so it’s important for family members to understand the differences between them. Of course, these services are not exclusive, as patients can take advantage of both in-home medical caregiver services and companion care services. Read on to find out about the difference between medical caregiver services and Companion Care Services in Jacksonville FL for help deciding which is more appropriate.

What is a Companion Caregiver?

The job of a companion caregiver is to assist elderly or disabled patients with non-medical tasks. They can do things like run errands, prepare meals, perform light cleaning, do the laundry and ironing, water plants, and join in recreational activities, but cannot administer medical care. The primary purpose of hiring a companion caregiver is to ensure senior loved ones are receiving the support and comfort they need when they do not have family around to devote the time required for these tasks.

What is a Medical Caregiver?

Most medical caregivers are either certified nursing assistants or medical assistants, which means they have the training required to do things like help with injections and read vital signs. Unlike companion caregivers, their primary focus is on their clients’ physical health rather than their overall well-being. They can perform tasks such as administering medications, monitoring vital signs, changing bandages, recording health patterns, and helping with medical treatments like catheterization and enemas.

How to Choose

Often, elderly patients require both medical caregivers and Companion Care Services in Jacksonville FL. However, those who do not require assistance with medical care and are only looking for companionship and help around the house should be looking into companion care. This often allows otherwise-healthy elderly adults to stay in their homes when they might otherwise be required to move into assisted living facilities.

Learn More Today

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