The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing in Little Rock

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Roofing

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that a roof is a roof. However, a commercial roofing company in Little Rock, AR, knows that there is a difference between residential roofing and commercial roofing in Little Rock, AR.

That being said, commercial roofs and residential roofs do share some similarities. For example, both can experience expensive damage as a result of natural disasters. Both types of roofs need to be installed properly and built from high-quality materials if they are going to provide the desired protection.

One of the biggest things that separates commercial roofing in Little Rock, AR from residential roofing or the roofing materials. Most commercial roofs have a flat slope, whereas residential roofs are steeper. For this reason, it takes a qualified commercial roofing company in Little Rock, AR, to install a commercial roof that is going to be waterproof and stand up to the weather.

A commercial roof is usually entirely flat. A flat roof needs more maintenance, and repairs involve larger spaces. Because commercial roofs are flat, they are often used to house equipment like HVAC systems. So, the roof needs to be designed to support the weight of the different systems that are placed on it. Residential roofs have less to worry about from a design standpoint. They are easier to maintain, repair, and replace.

Learn more about the differences between a residential roof and a commercial roof, and see for yourself why Cornerstone Restoration is the undisputed roofing contractor in Little Rock offering both residential and commercial services to their customers when you visit the website today.

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