The Details You Need to Know About Firestopping Systems in Portland, OR

There are many aspects build into a building design to deal with fire. Most people think that a state-of-the-art fire suppression system is the only thing needed. While a good fire suppression system is vital, and mandated by law, there are other measures used in a buildings design to deal with a fire breaking out. However, rather than suppressing the fire, these features are built and designed specifically to contain a fire long enough for people to evacuate a building. This is often done with fire rated materials like insulation and most notably, drywall. However, work done to a building can often compromise this material, which means this work will need to be accompanied by Firestopping Systems in Portland OR.

Wall or Ceiling Penetrations

Firestopping systems are needed when holes are made in fire rated walls. These penetrations can be dangerous if not deadly if a fire breaks out and firestopping materials and systems aren’t used. Since fire and smoke will first travel through walls and ceilings, holes made when installing pipes or cables are possible areas where a fire rated wall or ceiling could be compromised.

What is a Firestop

Whenever holes are made, either membrane penetrations like an electrical outlet or a panel box, or the penetrations are on both sides of the wall, Firestopping Systems in Portland OR will need to be employed. There are a wide range of firestopping materials that can be used. Mechanical or non mechanical firestops can be used. Some firestops used to seal penetrations can expand when subjected to heat to create a tight seal and some can absorb heat to keep the heat away from the actual wall or ceiling penetration.

Hour Ratings

It is also important to know the fire ratings for all firestop materials used. In most cases, firestopping materials will need to have 1 to 3 hour ratings. However, there are those situations where codes may require fire rating as high as 4 to 6 hours.

When making penetrations to a fire wall like a ceiling or wall, firestopping is vital. In order to do things correctly, you’ll need to know what firestopping materials are needed and you’ll need a place to get all the materials you’ll need. That’s why the experts turn to a resource like Atlas Supply for all their firestopping needs.

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