The Contemporary Gas Fireplace – Direct Vent Version Operation

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been the center of many memories in many homes throughout many decades. The mere thought of being together with family and enjoying the crackling of the fire on a cold winter night is an endearing tradition for many. The old style wood-burning fireplaces of decades ago included the scent of burning wood and the pops and crackles of flames shooting up the chimney. However, things have changed. Today’s contemporary gas fireplace operates in a much cleaner and efficient manner. Specifically, the direct vent gas fireplace eliminates the cleanup work of the past and provides continual soothing, cozy heat that everyone in the room can enjoy.

Fireplace Operation

These modern fireplaces operate through a close combustion system in a metal box that is framed into the wall of the room. Some units are built directly into the existing wall framing and others can be installed with minimal to moderate modification to your home.

Modern vented gas fireplace units transfer harmful gases from the unit to the outside through a vent. Even if you have an existing old style wood-burning fireplace along with the chimney, you can still have a modern unit installed. The modern system distributes heated air with a high degree of efficiency throughout the living area while maintaining the quality of the indoor air at the same time.

Venting Considerations

With the installation of a contemporary gas fireplace, you have many options. Regarding the venting of the contaminated air to the outside, you can utilize flexible or rigid that pipes. With flexible pipes you can easily vent around obstacles in the wall that are placed in an inconvenient position. Venting can be directed at a 45 degree angle from the top of the unit in order to create an efficient exit route to the outside.

Various rooms are candidates for a direct vent contemporary gas fireplace. The types of rooms you might consider include the living room, bedroom, basement, den, and other living spaces within your home.

These fireplaces offer great functional capabilities and they also come in various styles and colors to accommodate your interior décor. If you are interested in adding one of these units to your home, contact an experienced fireplace supplier today to learn more about your options.

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