The Complexities Involved With Residential Paving Services in Guilford CT

Proud homeowners are always looking to enhance their curb appeal. Rather than concentrate solely on the house, owners should consider turning their gravel or aged concrete driveway into a smooth, asphalt paved surface. When this project is delegated to a skilled team of residential paving services in Guilford, CT, an unappealing driveway can be turned it into a work of art.

Estimates Can Keep a Budget in Check

When the time comes for homeowners to dive into a paving project, most have no idea how expensive or impractical their vision may be. Companies like Atwater Paving understand this and begin the process by inspecting each residence to ensure that the customer’s desired product can be accomplished. This free estimate examines the overall size and shape of the proposed project, cost of the materials being installed, excavation time and possible hindrances, waste removal, and an average amount of working hours needed. This detailed information not only helps customers understand what is going to happen and how the project may or may not need to change, it also explains where their money will be spent.

There is More to Paving Than Hot Asphalt

Although the average person may not think much about it, paving a residential area isn’t a simple process. An effective and accurate installation involves the removal of any existing underground obstructions, the placement of an underlying surface material that allows the pavement to flex in the heat and cold as well as filter water away, proper sloping of the material to eliminate the chance of pooling water, and the installation of stone edging to keep the ends of the pavement from crumbling over time. Due to the complexity of these methods, homeowners should always research various paving contractors beforehand and call upon the one whose track record guarantees a secure investment.

Restoration is Always an Option

Asphalt surfaces are built to withstand the elements, but years of temperature fluctuations and consistent usage will allow wear and tear to show. Rather than spend a fair amount of time and money on a brand new installation that really isn’t necessary, homeowners can call upon residential paving services in Guilford, CT to resurface an aged, broken area of asphalt. This process not only fills and repairs cracks, it reinforces the entire surface while also bringing the original luster back to the pavement.

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