The Centrifugal Oil-Free Danfoss Compressor

When it comes to compressors, the Danfoss Group has always been one-step ahead of their competition. The Danfoss compressor is always a quality product enabled to reach such heights through the company’s ability to utilize the latest technology. The company has raised the performance bar up higher with its latest models – centrifugal, oil-free compressors.

Description and Characteristics

Centrifugal or radial compressors are oil-free devices. They do not require the addition of oil or any other type of lubrication to function optimally. They utilize a cast aluminum impeller to compress the fluid. This rotating disc is also responsible for generating a centrifugal force, which pushes the liquids to the extremities of the cast iron casing. The fluid then exits.

The Danfoss centrifugal compressor – a product of the partnership with Quebec, Ontario, Canada’s Turbocor, features:

* Two-stage centrifugal compression

* Magnetic bearing technology

* Variable speeds

* Excellent capability for extended period of operation

* Flexibility

* Intelligent electronic controls

* Sustainable, energy efficiency

* Shaft speed detection

* Motor and drive cooling

* Condensation protection

* Superior turndown

Overall, this Danfoss compressor is one that appeals to industrial and commercial concerns for its compact design as well as its being a light weight device. It is ideal for rooftop and HVAC chiller applications falling into the mid-range. Structures that can benefit from installing a Danfoss oil-free compressor include:

* Art complexes/Centers

* Government buildings

* Hotels

* Hospitals

* Industrial facilities

* Libraries

* Museums

* Offices

* Retail outlets

* Schools

They can install and operate Danfoss oil-free centrifugal compressors with both cost and environmental efficiency.

The Danfoss Compressor

The Danfoss Group works with a commitment to providing its customers with cost-efficient and environmentally friendly options. Employing the latest and most sustainable technology, the company continues to improve its already high-quality product. With the partnership with Turbocor, the release of the latest Danfoss compressor has once again proven the company capable of continually moving forward in a very competitive and Global market.

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