The Best Used Cars to Consider in 2017

Choosing the best-used car model is not an easy task since it changes so much each year. Each year newer cars are getting cheaper, and older cars are getting cheaper as well, but beginning to age. Add to this the huge impact the life of the car makes on how many miles it has left. A car that is a model year newer with 10,000 fewer miles is not going to last longer than an older one if it is not properly maintained. So, if you are looking for a car you can get with bad credit car loans in Oklahoma City then here are a few to consider.

2007 Honda Accord

This model is ten years old this year but is known for its reliability. The Honda Accord has a long history of achieving several hundred thousand miles, and the 2007 model was one of the best. These models can be had for around $8,000 to $12,000. This is around the time manufacturers were installing touchscreen GPS systems with higher trim packages. Try to avoid these as they will likely need to be updated and are not as integrated as using your smartphone.

2012 KIA Soul

The 2012 KIA Soul is an excellent vehicle regarding safety and reliability. In the past, KIA was not known for its reliability, but in recent years it has outperformed even Honda and made the top ten most reliable car brands list.

KIA redefined standard features with the Soul. Beginning with the 2012 Soul many entertainment features that once had to be added on to higher trims were included. The fuel economy of the Soul is also excellent at 26 city, 34 highway or 27 city, 35 highway depending on the engine and transmission selected. Obviously, the manual with the 1.6L will do better than the 2.0L with an automatic.

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