The Benefits of Wearing a Portable Heart Monitor

The purpose of cardiac monitoring is to be able to observe the heart and ensure there are no issues such as arrhythmia or other conditions. In this way, the monitor can help to determine the health of the heart. However, some cardiac monitoring machines are cumbersome and do not lend themselves well to being able to move about freely. That is where a cardiac holter monitor can come into play. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive from wearing one.

Go Mobile

Technology has evolved to the point that you can now pair the mobile heart monitor with a smartphone app so that signals are sent directly to a monitoring center. This way, staff can monitor the signals and act immediately in case any abnormal rhythms occur. There are times when the patient is not aware they are having an episode so this ensures they can stay in optimal health.


While you are wearing a cardiac holter monitor, you will be much better able to determine a proper level of exercise. The monitors will have diagnostics that can alert you if you are approaching a level of activity that may be unsafe for your particular situation. This is done by monitoring your heart rate, as well as other predetermined diagnostic settings. Since the app is able to monitor and record data in real-time, your doctor may be able to determine exactly the underlying causes of the heart condition. These monitors are your best best for optimal heart health.

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