The Benefits of Term, Whole and Universal Life Insurance in Austin TX

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Insurance

Life Insurance in Austin TX protects immediate surviving family members after a death. It may be daunting to think of everything a family can lose when a provider is gone. Life insurance protects all that is critical to the well-being of loved ones. Life insurance helps families continue to pay off a mortgage. They’ll be able to pay final expenses and debts. Children can still get funding for college. A family can maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to. A life insurance agent helps customers find the right plan by learning what is most important to them.

Policyholders can covert from term to whole or universal life insurance with no hassle. Term life insurance covers families for a specified length of time. Whole life insurance policies can be arranged to last much longer. Whole life insurance allows the policyholder to borrow or withdraw money when needed. The premiums are reduced for the first year. Customers can change to whole Life Insurance in Austin TX any time before the age of 75. Health and occupational status do not make a difference. This level of coverage helps pay off outstanding debts. Customers who are business owners can protect their business legacy through whole life insurance. Whole life insurance can provide assistance with estate planning as well.

Universal life insurance is an interest-earning plan as long as the policyholder is making payments. This type of policy can also be used for personal loans as needed. A person with special needs can be a beneficiary in the plan so care continues if the caregiver passes away. There is also survivorship universal life insurance. This policy covers two people. This is ideal for two family members who would need to help other family members when the second policyholder dies. The customers choose how much they want paid out to beneficiaries for life insurance and how much they pay in premiums. All universal life insurance plans are tax-deferred. Being able to retrieve cash value in life insurance funds can help with a college education, business expenses, and retirement funding. It is never too late to purchase a life insurance plan, so Contact Patrick Court to create a customized policy.

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