The Benefits Of Outsourced Warehousing In New Orleans

In New Orleans, as in any major cities across the country, small to mid-sized businesses often have difficulty in finding warehouse space that is affordable and offers the security and features they require. On top of this, buying or building a warehouse space can be extremely costly, even if the warehouse is moved outside of the city.

A smarter option for a small business is to outsource warehousing to a third party provider. The top moving companies in the city of New Orleans often offer warehousing and logistics services at highly competitive rates. With their low pricing and options to add a variety of services, they are a highly effective option for any business to consider.

Storage and Security

Using a moving company for warehousing, particularly a nationally recognized mover ensures the physical space is highly secure. The best locations offer 24-hour monitoring, and they also offer full fire suppression systems in the building, adding to peace of mind.

Storage can be secure in vaults and is offered with racks or floor storage options. Blanket wrapping for items and full climate control allows for the storage of any type of inventory for short or long-term. The facility provides receiving services for your items, and can even offer full inventory management service. For supply chain logistics as well as inventory management, it is possible to use bar-coded inventory control, asset tagging, and even cataloging of items that can be integrated into your inventory management system.

The best warehousing facilities add a variety of additional services. They can provide project management services, in-house assembly of systems, equipment and products, as well as kitting services and their own delivery services. With the option for Just-in-time or JIT deliveries and liftgate delivery options, they are an excellent option for handling all your warehouse needs.

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