The Benefits of Online Education for Christians of Every Age

Online learning is one of the most popular options today for adults wishing to pursue higher education without the requirement of being in a physical classroom, and that’s where SCU comes in. We offer premier instruction, guidance, and degree programs online for students of all ages and at diverse stages in life.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent with a strong urge to pursue a leadership role within the church, or you’re a busy working professional without time to pursue a degree full time on-campus, the online offerings in our Christian Leadership University online can change your life.

1. God Is For Everyone at All Ages, Races, and Genders

Regardless of your race, gender, age, or familial role, it’s widely acknowledged that there is room for everyone to do God’s work. Relevant magazine points out that women and men are considered to be partners in spreading the Word and participating actively in the kingdom of Christ.

This an important point to remember if you’re doubting your goals. With the availability of online courses and distance learning, if you have the drive and conviction, there is no reason not to pursue your role in Christ’s ministry.

2. Ability to Follow Your Passion and Calling

To feel a calling from God is nothing to be dismissed lightly, and one of the most essential ingredients to being successful within Christian leadership is passion. It takes a particular degree of faith and conviction to pursue a degree in the interest of serving Christ as well as making a living.

By following your calling, you’ll not only be doing a service to yourself and to God, but you can potentially inspire others with your dedication. With the strong emphasis in the educational community today on eLearning today, both secular and religious, it’s the perfect time to split your time between pursuing higher studies and your personal and professional life.

3. Career Driven Learning Opportunities

An important thing to consider when you’re considering earning a degree online is also how it will benefit you once it’s completed. Although a Christian-driven education that adheres to the core principles of the Bible is essential, you also must consider the future.

One of SCU’s major strengths is our emphasis not only on proper religious and philosophical instruction, but also on where you can go after you have finished your studies. There are many different opportunities for people of varying certifications, degrees, or graduate work within the Christian ministry.

Whether you find that you excel as a youth counselor or a Christian education administrator, earning an online degree also assure that you will have a way to work in the field of your chosen calling and support yourself and your family.

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