The Benefits of Hiring Private Investigators in Miami

Private investigators have been portrayed in movies, television and novels as tough as nails individuals who risk life and limb to solve their cases. While most cases may not be as glamorous as the fictional ones, the life of a private investigator can be filled with danger, stress and intrigue. Private investigators, also called private detectives, are often hired by private clients or businesses to collect information. Attorneys in civil cases, spouses who suspect their significant other of being unfaithful and by others for various investigative purposes, often hire Private Investigators in Miami. Loss prevention agents, often found in retail stores, employ similar techniques when monitoring for theft.

Private investigators have existed for well over 100 years. It was in 1833 that the first known detective agency was established. Eugene Francois Vidocq formed the organization and in the years to come, created techniques that would become the standard for modern criminology. Modern private investigators have evolved greatly from their predecessors but the basic skills still apply. Private Investigators in Miami deploy a myriad of techniques to accomplish their goals. Private investigators may use surveillance techniques, interview witnesses, perform detailed background checks and other techniques to provide their clients with information they need.

Pagones-O’Neill, like many private investigators, are highly trained individuals with years of experience in law enforcement, military or another related field. Some private investigators are also knowledgeable of the legal system and can help clients navigate their way through some legal matters. Many private investigators offer several services to their clients. Private investigators often provide surveillance, investigative services and even security services if needed. Specialized companies may also provide canine services for security purposes and highly trained dogs and their handlers for narcotic and explosive detection as well.

Private Investigators in Miami not only depend on their skills of observation and interrogation but on their technology as well. Hidden cameras, microphones, night vision cameras, surveillance vehicles and other equipment are essential to providing well-documented evidence for their clients. Detailed notes, audio and video evidence are required in many cases that a private investigator may take. Private investigators may be required to testify on the details of the case and the more evidence recorded, the better the outcome for their clients. Private investigators are a necessity when you need to get the facts.

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