The Benefits of Choosing Cremation in Middletown

Most people who lose a loved one today consider both cremation Middletown and traditional, direct burial. While both options are valid, choices based on individual needs and wishes, many people are opting for cremation today. Here are some of the advantages that are leading people to choose cremation today.

e Cost: Cremation is a Lower Cost Alternative to Burial

One of the main reasons that cremation is growing in popularity is that it’s far less costly than a traditional burial. A traditional funeral can cost $15,000 or even more today. A cremation can be as little as $1,000 to $2,000. With cremation, the most expensive component-;the large casket-;is replaced by a small urn. A traditional funeral also has other associated costs like purchasing burial space, having a burial spot created in the purchased area, and maintenance of the grave site. In a cremation, the urn can be easily maintained and stored with little to no cost.

The Convenience: Freedom to Have the Urn Anywhere

With a traditional burial, a cemetery is needed but, with a cremation, that’s not always the case. A cremation urn can be kept in the home, in a special memorial spot (a columbarium) at the church of the deceased, or anywhere else that the family deems appropriate. If the family members who are custodians of the urn happen to relocate, they can take the urn with them rather than leaving the remains of their loved one behind in a cemetery. It’s even possible to scatter the ashes in an approved area if that is what the deceased would have wanted. With cremation, there is a lot more freedom in regards to how the remains are handled.

Ready to Make a Choice?

Cremation is a highly personal choice that must take the wishes of the departed and their loved ones into account. Many people find that it’s extremely helpful to have the guidance and support of an experienced funeral services director at this time. If interested in cremation Middletown, please visit website to find out more. They are happy to help guide families through a difficult time with compassion and understanding.

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