The Basics of Septic Tank Service in Marion IA

If a homeowner has ever encountered a problem with their septic system, they know that fixes aren’t cheap or pretty. A septic system can provide years of worry-free service, but only if it receives proper Septic Tank Service Marion IA. Below are some maintenance factors to consider that may help a homeowner save aggravation, time and money in the future.

The Lifespan of a Septic Tank and its Parts

A steel septic tank will eventually rust, usually within 20 years or even sooner in areas with acidic soils. Concrete tanks are more durable, and can last decades if concrete is poured correctly. Alternatives such as fiberglass and plastic also have longer lifespans than steel does.

If a tank’s structural integrity is compromised, baffles are typically the first part to fail. Baffles are the intake and outlet of a tank, and they control the flow of waste while preventing solids from getting out. A damaged baffle can allow solids to get into the drain field, decreasing its life and leading to eventual clogs. Regular baffle maintenance is key in ensuring that the septic tank continues to work properly.

Pumping and Cleaning Septic Tanks

Guidelines for pumping and cleaning depend on the tank’s size and the number of people using the tank. Medium tanks serve a four-person household, and need cleaning every couple of years. Installers are a good source of maintenance recommendations, and home buyers should have existing systems inspected before purchase.

Septic tank service in Marion IA process is simpler and less expensive if the homeowner knows where the tank lies. If the tank has to be located by a professional, the job will cost more. A professional with Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning will help the homeowner mark the tank’s location for future maintenance, and their assistance can help avoid waste runoff and decreased tank life.

Basic Tank Care

Certain materials should never enter a septic system. Non-biodegradable materials such as diapers, cleaning fluids, sanitary napkins and general rubbish should not be flushed down the toilet. If the home has a garbage disposal, the tank may need more frequent pumping. Avoid planting near the tank, as roots can damage it, and don’t allow animals, vehicles and other large items to remain stationary over the septic tank as it can be damaged by excessive weight.

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