The Basics of Platform Scales

Benefits of Platform Scales

The many sectors of industry demand platform scales which are rugged, durable, accurate, versatile, and are easy to use. Platform scales are available in a wide range of sizes, capacities, styles, models, and are extremely durable, as a result of their stainless steel construction. Platform scales provide a stable weighing surface for weighing products and there are also digital scales which use a load cell and weight indicator to display the weight readings in a digital format.

Types of Platform Scales

Platform scales in digital format are based on load cell technology where the electronic load cells can sense what the weight is and then transfer the calculated weight to digital signals. Smaller model platform scales are equipped with batteries, while larger models have a long heavy duty cable, which is connected to a power source.

The different platypes of platform scales are available in low capacity, mild steel, floor mounted stainless steel, pit mounted, portable, bench mounted, standalone platform, pi-installed, mobile, hazardous platform scales, and more. They are all guaranteed to give precise, accurate measurement and they are made from stainless steel, therefore they have a long service life. These scales have to be extremely stable and durable, so they can handle frequent large amounts of weight. Their design includes different materials for weighing different products such as foods, which is designed with stainless steel which hasn’t been treated with the lead-free coated epoxy normally used in many other industry’s scales. Larger platform scales have diamond tread safety pads, so their load doesn’t slip under any circumstance.

Popularity of Digital Platform Scales

A business could lose profits and clients if they do not have the exact weight of the objects which they are handling; this type of environment is perfect for digitals. Industries which have an end to end process, digital platform scales are needed for exact measurements and to save time. For instance, in distribution centers platform scales accurately weigh loads which have to be put on trucks, so the truck isn’t dangerously overloaded as a result of the extra weight. For a number of reasons, error-free digital platform scales are very popular. The digital platform is used by all types of businesses to weigh, handle, and monitor products. They provide shock and static overload protection for sensitive electronics and they have wash/splash proof designs as well as lift off platforms.

The Top Quality Platform Scale Company

Hardy Process Solutions has been a leader in the premier metal machining and supplier in the marketplace since 1918, and is known for their innovative approaches to precision instrumentation and sensors utilized in the weighing field. Designing innovative, industry-leading products which save time and money isn’t enough; accuracy and safety are top concerns as well. Industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical, petroleum, forest products, aggregate /mining, glass and automotive, all depend on Hardy products for their quality weighing capability in order to provide timely, accurate data and control for their many of their processes.

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