The Advantages Of Working With Electrical Transformer Manufacturers

As an OEM, a repair service or an electronics company, working with partners that specialize in the production of various parts and system components is important. Choosing partners wisely and for their ability to add value to the final product is essential in today’s highly competitive market.

American OEMs have an advantage if they are looking for custom electrical transformers for systems, equipment or other applications. There are specialized manufacturers in the United States with the ability to work closely with your engineering and design team to design and manufacture custom single or three phase transformers.

Custom and Off-The-Shelf

Top electrical transformer manufacturers typically offer both custom designed and manufactured and off-the-shelf types of single and three phase transformers. The off-the-shelf options are lower cost per unit, but they often require changes to system design in innovative and new equipment and systems. It may also mean having to change some of the wiring and components within the system to accommodate the off-the-shelf transformers.

A better option may be to work with custom electrical transformer manufacturers. These companies offer a selection of standard transformers, but also have the engineering and development services to customize, modify or create new and innovative transformers to meet the specific requirements for an application.

Ability to Meet Standards

For OEMs in the United States, as well as those marketing their products or electrical components abroad, it is critical to choose electrical transformer manufacturers with an understanding of standards and regulations in the various international countries.

This includes UL, CSA and CE requirements, as well as working with materials that are approved for RoHS compliance or REACH compliance. The manufacturer working to these standards means fast approval to market your product both in the United States as well as internationally.

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