The Advantages Of Using The Polymer Lab

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Laboratory

When it comes to specialized testing services, manufacturers turn to niche companies to provide the latest in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art testing equipment.

For any company working with polymers and plastics, either as a manufacturer or an end user of these materials, having the ability to test the material for composition, purity for specific applications is essential. Using the services of a polymer lab allows for fast turnaround and high levels of testing for all polymers.

Testing Possibilities

Not all polymer lab facilities offer the same testing abilities. It will be important to consider the specific testing requirements for your business when making choice of labs.

Ideally, the more testing options the polymer lab offers, the more beneficial they will be to your company. It will also be essential to verify that the lab can test the material in the form you wish to send from raw plastics through to finished materials.

A top lab will be able to test both thermosetting materials and thermoplastics. They should be able to provide microstructural analysis through a variety of testing options as well as chemical, rheology and thermal testing.

The Benefits

While this type of testing is highly beneficial in choosing a polymer for a specific application, it can also be used for different purposes as well. When changing suppliers or in identifying potential issues in manufacturing these labs can be used to detect contamination in the materials that are impacting performance or processing.

Top labs can also be used to reverse engineer thermosetting materials and thermoplastics through material identification. Process validation is another service that is very beneficial in many industries, as it the ability to have a full degradation analysis completed on samples before making any choices of materials for prototypes or large scale production.

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