The Advantages of the K9 Heat Alarm

Having a police dog makes a big difference in the safety of both police officers and pedestrians. These dogs can be just as important as the police officers themselves. Dogs are like humans in that they require a special type of attention except they are not able to tell people what they truly need. The K9 heat alarm is an amazing piece of equipment that can be very helpful if you have a furry friend on your police force.

Perks to the K9 Heat Alarm
If you do not have a K9 unit on your police force, you may not be aware of what a K9 heat alarm actually does. If you purchase a heat alarm for your K9 friend, you will find that it keeps the temperature of your emergency vehicle comfortable so that your furry friend stays comfortable too. It comes equipped with an LCD display as well as a horn activation module so that alerts you if the temperature gets too warm for your dog. It will sound much like a car horn if the temperature rises above 85 degrees. This is just in case you forget to roll your window down for your pal when it is hot outside.

Your K9 unit is just as important part of the force as your human members. Without these guys by your side, your team would not have a great sense of morale, and there would dozens of criminals who would never feel the wrath of the justice system. They should be just as comfortable as the people are in those emergency vehicles and should be treated with just as much kindness and respect. Even though they are not able to communicate their needs to you, the K9 heat alarm helps you to do the communicating for them.

Different Options Available
The heat alarms have a lot of specific options so you are able to pick what works best for your K9 friend. There are several different cases in which your horn will honk to alert you that your dog needs go to the bathroom. If you do not want these alarms to go off regularly, it is important that you keep the air conditioner up on those hot summer days so your dog does not get dehydrated. Taking care of them is just as important as taking care of everyone else on the force.

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