The Advantages of Peritoneal Dialysis in Brick, NJ for People Still Working

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Health

Hemodialysis is more commonly provided to kidney failure patients than peritoneal dialysis is. The peritoneal method is a more continuous process of filtering the blood. The patient wears a catheter outside of the body allowing for filtering without needing to spend time at a dialysis center a few days a week. Peritoneal dialysis in Brick, NJ is thus a more convenient option for patients who qualify.

How It Works

The less common method can be done at home or in another clean setting. It involves administering cleansing dialysis fluid to open spaces in the abdomen, known as the peritoneal cavity. The blood is cleaned through the internal abdominal walls. Later, the person drains this fluid according to the guidelines.

Two Processes

This can be done continuously throughout the day, or the patient might choose an automated process to use during sleep. People who want to continue working often prefer that second form of peritoneal dialysis in Brick, NJ.

Dialysis and Full-Time Work

The frequent appointments required for hemodialysis can make it difficult for kidney failure patients to have full-time jobs. That’s especially the case since many individuals feel fatigued for a few hours after the treatments.

Many chronic kidney failure patients apply for disability benefits, but others prefer to continue working. The disorder can affect people at a relatively young age. Those individuals may have families to provide for. Their disability payments would likely be significantly less than what they could earn at a full-time job.


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