The Advantages of Mediation Sessions Arranged by a Divorce Lawyer in Frederick

Some couples filing for divorce cannot agree on one or more issues that must be resolved before the marriage can be ended. These are matters related to child custody and visitation, monetary settlements, asset division and spousal support. A divorce lawyer in Frederick can set up mediation sessions that help the spouses negotiate and compromise, and finally move forward.

The Work of Mediators

Mediators are intended to provide impartial and objective guidance. They help keep discussions calm and reasonable, which can be difficult when the spouses have strong opinions about the topic of dissent. The spouses may be together in a meeting room with their attorneys and the mediator, or they may have to be kept separate if they cannot be civil with each other.

Who Are Mediators?

Who are the men and women that qualify to be mediators in these sessions? Most commonly, they are social workers, psychologists or family lawyers with a practice not connected with either of the spouse’s divorce attorneys. They have gained expertise in dispute resolution between divorcing spouses, helping these individuals to see the issue from the other’s point of view.

A Better Chance for Mutual Satisfaction

A divorce lawyer in Frederick can arrange for mediation when the couple is at an impasse. Numerous sessions may be required, but this will still be significantly less costly than going to court. The spouses also have a better chance at each finding some satisfaction with the final decisions, which may not happen when they turn over control to a judge.

The judge does not know what went on during the mediation sessions, as that information is confidential. Thus, a judge may make a decision that neither spouse is happy about. For instance, the judge may impose a parenting schedule that is relatively standard, but this not be what either parent wanted.

Being Open to Compromise

Mediation sessions arranged through a law firm such as Russell & Heffner are most likely to be successful when both spouses are open to the possibility of compromising. Each must let go of the idea that it’s important to win on the issue being contested. Mediators may help them find solutions they had never thought of.

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