The Advantages of Having a 3d Ultrasound

Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times of your life, and from the very start, you will probably wonder many things about your child. Will he or she favor you, or will your baby look more like his or her papa? What is happening as your baby grows? While traditional ultrasounds may not offer too many detailed clues, undergoing a 3d ultrasound in Charleston SC may come with a number of advantages when it comes to understanding and viewing your unborn child.

You Can Share Video Feed With Loved Ones

Thanks to technology, the days of trying to guess which part of your baby is which on an ultrasound is gone. 3d ultrasound in Charleston SC allows your loved ones to view video of your ultrasound as it happens so they can see exactly what you are seeing during the procedure. Afterward, you can all share the excitement of what you saw instead of trying to describe the experience.

3d Details Stand Out

Few experiences can be more frustrating than showing a sonogram to someone, only for them to tell you they cannot make out the shape of your child. Traditional ultrasound pictures might give you a few clues about your baby’s physical form, but few details stand out. However, when you choose to have a 3d ultrasound in Charleston SC, the video and stills you see can offer you sharp, detailed images that allow you to see your unborn child in a whole new way.

Pre-Natal Bonding May Increase

Seeing your baby moving for the first time on an ultrasound is an experience like no other. This can be especially true for first-time parents. When you see detailed images of your baby smiling, kicking and making faces on a 3d sonogram, you may feel more connected to your child than ever.

Being pregnant is an experience that can create memories to last a lifetime, especially when you receive detailed sonogram stills and video from a 3d ultrasound in Charleston SC.

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