The Advantages Of Custom Truck Flatbeds Over OEM Flatbed Trucks

Today, there are a few truck and vehicle manufacturers that offer a flatbed version of one a light or medium duty truck. These types of vehicles offer the based drivability and features of the standard pickup truck of that size, but instead of the traditional bed, they offer a flatbed configuration.

The other option to consider is to add a flatbed to a truck. These types of customized truck flatbeds can be very different from standard flatbeds by automotive manufacturers and can be fully customized to suit a specific application or multiple applications and hauling needs.

For people in the Fresno, CA, area trying to decide which option is the best, consider the following factors and why the customized truck flatbeds offer some very specific advantages. Remember, with custom flatbeds; you supply the truck, so you are not limited to the models offered by the vehicle manufacturer.

Made to Last

When choosing a customized truck flatbed, every component of the design and the materials are carefully selected to meet your needs. This includes the type of steel used in the bed, the option for wood beds, or even the durability of steel over wood construction.

Additional features such as steel or wood slide racks, fold down racks, or even the addition of an overhead rack for equipment storage can all be added to the design. As they are manufactured as part of the bed and not added on later, they fit perfectly, something that is not always the case with aftermarket parts that are added on.

The choice of customized flatbeds also means additional features can be included. These decks can be designed with a liftgate, mounted lifting crane, mounted toolboxes, and fully customized requirements that would be completely unique to a specific job requirement for a Fresno, CA, vehicle owner.

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