The Advantages of Combined Medical Offices

Most modern medical offices have more than one or two doctors on-site. The trend toward clinics and facilities provide advantages to both patients and practitioners. One advantage is cost savings. Practitioners have lower overhead costs because they are shared among many professionals. Patients save money because they can obtain more services in one place. It is no longer necessary to travel to different buildings for laboratory blood work, diagnostic testing, wound care, or x-rays. The Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas, for example, provides all those services in-house. It does not take several appointments, patient forms, or co-payments to get diverse medical services.

Another advantage is convenience. Same day appointments for illnesses or minor injuries are available because the number of professionals in the building increases the capacity of the clinic. That saves time on urgent care and emergency room visits for non-life threatening situations. It also increases the comfort of the patient. Being examined by a familiar doctor when ill eliminates additional stress and anxiety. The doctors know what is normal for the patient and can provide care from an established baseline. An increase in blood pressure, for example, will be noticed quicker because past medical records are available for expedited comparison. Selecting the right antibiotic is quicker as well because doctors can review what worked best for the last flu or sinus infections.

A Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas will also have a patient portal for information, test results, upcoming appointments, and avenues to communicate needs. If a prescription needs to be refilled, the patient can send a message via the portal to request the doctor or nurse notify the pharmacy. Forms and resources are also readily available online. Patients can download forms and have them completed prior to the next appointment. That saves time and aggravation. Providing insurance information to one location also saves time.

No one enjoys going to the doctor, so making the process and event easier, smoother, and more cost-effective is a welcomed change from traveling all over town on a regular basis for preventative or routine medical care. Families seeking new services can Click here for information regarding policies, practices, and capabilities.

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