The Advantages Of Choosing A Periodontist As Your Oak Brook, IL, Dentist

As people age, it is more likely that infections of the tissue of the gums become more of an issue. Often this is impacted by poor dental hygiene practices, genetic factors, diabetes, smoking and medications that contribute to the buildup of plaque on the teeth over time.

Issues to Consider

The early signs of gingivitis and periodontal disease can include bleeding gums, gum irritation, bad breath, gums pulling away from the teeth and even changes in the position of the teeth. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is often in advanced stages before these symptoms become obvious and the individual goes to see his or her dentist in Oak Brook, IL.

Unlike other types of diseases, once the gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease, it cannot be reversed. However, it can be managed to prevent any further damage to the gums or the potential for loss of teeth.

In the United States, approximately half of all adults over the age of 30 have the chronic periodontal disease. Working with a specially trained dentist, a periodontist, is instrumental for these people to correctly treat and manage the early or ongoing issues associated with periodontal disease.

Procedures and Expertise

A periodontist completes full training as a dentist and then completes up to three years of specialized, additional training. This includes treatment using surgical procedures to complete gum grafts, to reduce pockets in the gum and to complete plastic surgery related to gum and tooth loss.

Additionally, a periodontist can provide a full range of non-surgical treatment methods to manage gum disease, including laser treatments and even specialized treatment to regenerate lost bone and tissue and retain the natural gums and teeth.

While periodontal disease may not be curable, it can be effectively managed. If you have gum disease or have not had a recent dental exam, contact our specialist at Metcalf Dental in Oak Brook, IL, to schedule an appointment.

Schedule an appointment with our periodontist at Metcalf Dental in Oak Brook, IL, if you have any concern about the health of your gums. To learn more or to book an appointment online, see us at website.

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