The Advantages Of A Non-Destructive Leak Test System

With a greater range of packaging options used in the pharmaceutical, medical as well as food and beverage industries, the need for effective and efficient testing systems has increased dramatically.

For many types of testing protocols, the need for a non-destructive leak test system has become a priority for packaging contract companies. Along with the ability to test packaging without the need to damage the product, it is also essential to have the highest levels of accuracy and reliability with these systems.

There are several different manufacturers of non-destructive leak test systems. Choosing the best match for your processing and packaging systems will be a matter of comparing the options and considering how they will integrate into your facility.

Saves Money

Through the use of non-destructive leak test system, your packaging company can save money. With the traditional type of bubble test, the tested package results in the need to remove that package from the line, which is a cost to your business.

Additionally, as each package tested results in the loss of that package, testing may be limited to the minimal requirements. With the non-destructive testing, more packages can be tested, ensuring even greater compliance with all packaging regulations.

Fully Automated

With the new designs in non-destructive leak test system models, the full process can be automated. Each package can be tested in just seconds, with immediate results visible on the front of the tester. Additionally, they can be set up with direct communication with computer controls and data collection software, ensuring full reliability and verification over time.

In addition to efficiency, some of these models are capable of detecting leaks with holes as small as just five microns. Choosing a system with variable test modes allows for multiple package testing options, ideal for any packaging facility.

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