The Advantages Of A Battery J Bolt

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Engineering

There are different options with different makes and models of vehicles for holding batteries into the battery box. For most vehicles, the best universal type of battery hold down is the J bolt.

Also known as the battery J bolt, they can be sold as individual J bolts or, more often, in what is known a battery hold down kit. This will include the two battery bolts, the washers, and nuts as well as the battery strap that goes across the top of the battery and onto the threaded tops of the battery bolts. The nuts, typically wingnuts, are then used to tighten down the strap, just to finger tightness to hold the battery firmly in place.

Custom Sizing

One of the advantages of using these battery J bolt hold downs is that the bolts can be designed to work universally with batteries. This includes with standards passenger car and truck batteries as well as some of the heavy-duty vehicles.

When choosing the battery bolts, it will be essential to consider the height of the battery as well as the depth of the battery stand or box bottom. The threaded parts of the shaft of the battery bolt have to extend above the top of the battery in the box and also provide enough exposed thread to position the two ends of the battery strap and then apply the washers and nuts.

At the same time, the battery J bolt cannot extend too far above the top level of the battery or, depending on where it is located; it can create problems with other engine parts. In most cases, battery bolts that are too long will also rub on the interior of the hood, which can cause damage over time.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers, finding a top manufacturer of custom J bolts for batteries will be important. These companies can work to desired specifications to create a custom battery bolt for your needs.

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