Techniques For Squirrel Removal In Columbus OH For Residents With Bird Feeders

Although some feel that squirrels are cute creatures that do no harm, others find them to be pests that they want to eliminate. Those who don’t like squirrels will sometimes look to services that offer Squirrel removal in Columbus OH. While services can indeed help homeowners to get rid of troublesome squirrels, there are also some things that homeowners can do themselves to deal with squirrels that have become nuisances. Eliminating squirrels from one’s property doesn’t usually take a lot of effort, but it does require knowing what to do and what not to do.

Before contacting a Wildlife Control Company to deal with squirrels messing with a bird feeder, there are some tricks that residents can try for Squirrel removal in Columbus OH. There are plastic tops called baffles that can be placed on the top of bird feeders. The baffles can block the access a squirrel will have to a bird feeder. A baffle can also spin to throw a squirrel off balance. Although baffles will work with most squirrels, some of the more intelligent squirrels will figure out that they can get the bird food to fall on the ground by attempting to jump on the bird feeder.

If a baffle doesn’t work for Squirrel removal in Columbus OH, a homeowner can try to mix up the menu in the bird feeder. There are certain foods that squirrels simply don’t like. Nyjer thistle and safflower seeds are two of the foods that can be used to discourage squirrels from messing with bird feeders. Some people will even use white millet seed to keep the squirrels away. There are also bird feeders on the market that have tiny openings. Only small birds can fit into these openings to get the food. Bird feeders that are activated by weight will close when something as heavy as a squirrel attempts to get food.

There are also solutions that some find to be inhumane. People have been known to use sticky products to keep squirrels away, but the same products can kill smaller birds. Shocking devices can work, but they can cause squirrels pain. Capsaicin will work to keep squirrels away, but it can cause squirrels a lot of discomfort. Visit their website.

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