Taking the Mystery out of Getting a Mortgage in Asheville NC

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Financial Services

If you think it is time to purchase a home, go ahead and look at what is available. However, you need to be financially ready. This involves several steps before even applying for a mortgage. In Asheville NC, the process can be straightforward providing you prepare a simple action plan.

Steps Before the Mortgage

In Asheville NC, there are several steps you need to undertake before you apply for a mortgage.

  1. Find your credit score and, if necessary, work to improve it
  2. Look at your expenses and compare them to your income.
  3. See what you have in your savings account.

Use all the above to compile a financial picture. This will indicate the base amount you can afford to pay for a new house.

You can then select a mortgage lender. You want to work with someone who is credible and knowledgeable about the specifics of buying a home but also flexible in his/her approach and will work with you when you sign a pre-qualify loan.

Once you pre-qualify, you can seriously start looking at homes and go ahead and make an offer.  If it is accepted, return to your lender.

Applying for a Mortgage in Asheville NC

Asheville NC has lenders willing to work with you. Talk to the agent about closing costs, interest rates and the total amount you will require beyond the purchase price. Fill in a mortgage application. You then will have to wait for approval before you can close the loan and complete the purchase of your new home.

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