Taking Control of Production Chains in Massachusetts and Worldwide with SaaS

The agricultural industry involves many moving parts that need to be tracked. To meet this demand, innovators and developers of data-driven applications work with farmers to improve their productivity and farm-management capabilities nearby Massachusetts. These data solutions involve software for managing every stage of the supply, from the farm to the shelf, and enabling informed harvest-scheduling to match demand.

Benefits of Supply-Chain Traceability

Maintaining integrity in agricultural supply depends on product visibility at every point to monitor quality and ensure standards of certification are upheld. Robust information delivered by traceability technology in supply chain management software provides a powerful and easy-to-use set of tracking options. Consumer risk can consequently be mitigated by timely response to food-safety issues thanks to comprehensive access to supply-chain information.

GPS Technology for Improved Tracking

GPS implementation in supply chain management software now allows for a high level of granularity in tracking capability, resulting in monitoring capability of produce in real-time, regardless of its location, whether is near to Massachusetts or worldwide. Additional relevant information also appears through barcode labels and QR code, showing lot numbers, batch numbers, date of harvest, farmer’s details, transport information and produce-location.

Visit with a Software-as-a-Service Specialist

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, focuses on farmer empowerment and the promotion of sustainable agriculture through advanced technology platforms and comprehensive solutions for the management of agricultural supply chains at every stage. Call SourceTrace Systems at 978-394-5962 or visit http://www.sourcetrace.com/ to know more about their platforms.

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