Take Your Dog With You When Going to the University in Tempe

One of the things that causes some young people anxiety about going off to college is leaving behind their dog. What they fail to realize is that there are plenty of options available for dog-friendly apartments in Tempe, AZ.

You don’t have to leave your dog behind. You will be able to keep your furry companion nearby at all times. In addition to completely getting rid of anxiety associated with leaving behind a pet, you will be able to enjoy a long list of benefits associated with having your dog. For example, you are more likely to get exercise, you are more likely to make friends with other dog owners, and you will enjoy the benefits associated with less stress and lower blood pressure with a dog in your life.

As you are looking at options for dog-friendly apartments in Tempe, AZ, make sure you read the fine print in the lease agreement carefully. It is common for apartments to have restrictions on the type of breed you can have. Or they may have restrictions on the size of the dog or the number of pets you can have. Before signing a lease, make sure your dog is allowed in the apartment.

As you read the fine print, find out what will be required of you as a dog owner in the student housing complex. For example, you may have to pay a monthly fee or put down a deposit.

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