Take a Bite Out of Life with Dentures in DC

Whether you lost multiple teeth due to age, gum disease, or an accident, dentures are a great way to keep your smile beautiful. This is especially true if many of the teeth lost were located in the front or near the front of your mouth. This technology was created thousands of years ago. Even the ancient Egyptians were found to use them, and they knew a thing or two about great fashion.

Still, it can be hard to accept that you need them. Fortunately, denture technology is such that dentures are now imperceptible to strangers and family alike until you choose to remove them within their eyesight. If you are younger than the average person in need of dentures in DC, this is especially important. This technology is exceptionally difficult to detect while it simultaneously improves the aesthetics of your smile.

Bite Without Fear

New and improved adhesives and denture strength allow users to enjoy whatever snacks or crunchy foods they love without fear of sliding teeth, irritated gums, or food particles under the prosthetic. If you lost a large number of teeth for any reason, it can be difficult to eat and chew normally. In the past, dentures were more useful for speech than they were for eating hard foods. Today, this is no longer the case.

Restore Speech

Missing teeth, particularly teeth located in the front of the mouth, can negatively affect your ability to speak clearly. Denture technology will allow you to speak just as well as you did in the past. For those who had to live without teeth for some time before treatment, the change might be shocking, and improvement is instantaneous.

This technology will also protect existing teeth from wear and tear. If you only have certain teeth to work with, you decrease their lifespan by chewing with only them. A prosthetic will allow you to evenly distribute chewing again, relieving frustration as well.

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