Streamlining Tips to Make the Most of Your Personal Checking Accounts in Maryville

Personal  checking accounts can greatly facilitate your family’s  day-to-day finances and help you gain better control of your overall personal financial obligations. It helps you track the income flow and maintain your loan payments, mortgage payment, investment withdrawals, payroll direct deposits, IRA contributions and others in a more profitable manner. Here are some tips to streamline your personal checking accounts in Maryville and get the best out of them to save more for business or your golden period of retirement.

Use Debit Card
Debit cards can offer more benefits and services than credit cards. Not only can a debit card be used  on your bank’s ATM booth but can also be usedworldwide for convenient and more secure  shopping. Debit security offers you coverage in case of theft. You can also use it  where checks are not accepted.

Always Deposit During Working Hours
To get the most of profits on deposited money, make sure to always deposit during working deposit hours. For example, if a bank operates till 5:00 PM then the working deposit hours would probably be until 3:00 PM or 4:30 PM. For managing your personal checking accounts in Maryville, ask your bank about their working deposit hours.

Improve Savings by Interlinking Checking Accounts and Savings Accounts
After automatic payment of mortgage, loan and bills, you may have some money left in your checking account every month. Interlinking your checking account and savings account and transferring the leftover money in your savings account is a great way to boost your savings. If you have a credit or debit card, you can also transfer the money online or establish an automated transfer system with the bank.

Avoid Overdrafts
Keeping a track of your transactions is the best way to avoid overdrafts in your personal checking accounts in Maryville. Remember that overdraft occurs only when you spend more than your real balance. Here are some tips to maintain an accurate picture of your true balance.

  • Always enter the transaction amount in your balance book after withdrawing money from ATM. Subtract the amount from total balance and note down the remaining balance.
  • Transfer the remaining balance in your savings account by the end of month.
  • Automate your bills, mortgage and loan payments.
  • If you have home equity line of credit or personal line of credit accounts then you may also consider interlinking your checking account with them to avoid overdrafts.
  • Sign up for email or SMS service to keep a track of your available balance.
  • Sign up for weekly, biweekly or monthly balance report.

The most important tip is to take advantage of the services provided by your bank. When opening a personal checking account in Maryville, make sure that your bank provides maximum services including direct deposit services, debit card security service against theft, overdraft protection services, automatic payment service, mobile banking and alert service and protection of your online account. Managing your personal checking accounts is a powerful way to improve your savings and add some ease to your busy routine.

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