Strategies That Your Local SEO Agency Should Use

Local search engine optimization is different from conventional because it is not as competitive. This type of SEO makes it possible to use targeted search terms to reach people within a specific geographic radius. Fewer businesses are competing for local search terms since you are not trying to get in front of everyone in the world. There is a wide array of strategies that a local SEO agency can use to keep your business.

Target Google 3-Pack

Google 3-Pack is a vital component of local SEO. These results are featured above the organic results. They are listed under a map that shows the locations of applicable results.

For a local business, it is more valuable to show up in the 3-Pack results than it is the top organic spot. This is what the person searching is going to see first. This is a key strategy for any local SEO agency.

Directory Listings

Directory listings are much more important to local SEO than to broader SEO. Your local SEO agency should be aware of the importance of having your company featured in a large number of local directories. Your business name, address, and phone number should be in all of your listings. The agency will ensure consistency across all directory sites.

Mobile Importance

Focusing on mobile is important in local SEO. When people are on the go, they pull up their phones to do a quick search of local business they can visit during their outing. In fact, 70% of these searches lead to action. Therefore, your local SEO agency should see mobile optimization as a number one priority.

Content Marketing

Any good SEO strategy includes content marketing. This is especially important for local businesses. The key is to effectively use content marketing for local SEO, ensuring lots of topics that have a local focus.

An agency that does not exploit the difference in local SEO and broad SEO will do your business a disservice. Make sure your local SEO agency has the right strategies to get the most from searches nearest to you.

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