Straight and Bright Smiles from a Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis

Smiling is a simple gesture that has a major impact on confidence, initial impressions, and career advancement. Teeth that are crooked, dull, missing, or decayed can hold a person back from socializing, making a wonderful first impression, or climbing the corporate ladder. Improved procedures and products offered by any Cosmetic Dentist Annapolis will result in a beautiful smile that is virtually flawless.

Skip the Braces

Traditional braces for straightening teeth are unsightly, expensive, and may take years to complete the transformation. The time involved translates to a massive commitment on the part of the patient. Trips to the orthodontist are necessary every one to two months for adjustments, tightening, or changing the color of the elastics.

Cleaning teeth completely is difficult because much of the surface is covered, and flossing is next to impossible once wires are added. It is not uncommon to have braces removed only to discover cavities have developed in between teeth. Areas along the gum lines can become irritated and infected due to the bacteria and particles left behind after brushing is finished for the day.

Clear removable trays, such as Invisalign, are an alternative to braces and are available from a Cosmetic Dentist Annapolis. The trays can be taken out for brushing and flossing teeth and will not trap particles between teeth. Trays are replaced by new ones every four to six weeks depending on the desired outcome.

White Teeth

Teeth become stained by the foods eaten, drinks favored, and personal behaviors. Berries, for example, are acidic and wear away tooth enamel, creating stains. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and wine will make teeth appear dull and dingy.

Smoking stains the gum line as well as teeth and can cause oral cancer. Excessive use of alcohol will dehydrate the body, which prevents essential nutrients from reaching the teeth. Bleaching teeth strips away enamel and weakens teeth, so they are more susceptible to decay.

An advanced technique utilizes a laser to remove stains and bond the whitening agent to teeth for a brighter smile that lasts for approximately a year. Getting detailed information on cosmetic procedures is easy when people Browse the site. Seek out experienced personnel and highly technical equipment when selecting a dental practice where cosmetic dentistry is offered.

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