Stock Option Software and Other Services

Colonial Stock Transfer Company is a stock transfer agency that services stock issuers and shareholders with stock-related and compliance needs. Colonial works with small, medium, and large trading companies to support their businesses. This company is well-known for keeping a personal touch on an otherwise numbers-driven industry. Their advanced issuer platform is popular, and it helps customers reduce costs.

Issuer Services
One of Colonial’s most widely used products is its software. Its award-winning cap table software helps companies manage stock-based compensation and the monitoring of any activity related to stock options. The cap table software also employs real-time tracking of equity instruments for all types of companies. Other features of the software include online access portals, connected interfaces, warrants and options, vesting schedules, record keeping, reports, and access to all trade activities and records.

Besides stock transfers, Colonial performs many other issuer services. IT has a fully-registered SEC filing service that emphasizes EDGAR and XBRL filings. Established in 2006, it carries a recognizable client list. Colonial’s employer plan services sets up employee stock purchase plans, and its Blue Sky Reg D exemption offering enables companies to navigate through state laws pertaining to securities.

Other Colonial issuer services include proxy and annual meeting services, consultation, press releases, corporate action, and issuer resources. All can be utilized as a package or individually.

Shareholder Services
To assist with the complexity of shareholder relations, Colonial Stock offers a stock transfer guide, restriction removal service, lost stock certificate replacement, an internet proxy voting platform, and shareholder forms and resources.

Colonial Stock Transfer is a valuable resource for companies that need end-to-end issuer and shareholder services and advanced technology to monitor stock option information. Colonial’s services are scalable to various private and public companies. Services are quoted as a package, which ultimately depend on what a particular business needs.

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