Steps to Take After You’re Involved in a Minneapolis Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accidents are those where a driver causes personal injury and/or property damage and leaves the accident scene without providing information or assistance. In almost every state, it’s illegal to do these things, but these events are becoming more common. If you’ve been in a hit and run accident, here are a few steps to take.

Note Important Details

The time after a hit and run can be a frightening and confusing one, but it’s important to remember as many details as possible. The other driver’s age, description, and gender, as well as the color, make, model, and plate number of their vehicle, will give the police and a personal injury attorney in Minneapolis a better chance of identifying who’s at fault.

Call for Help

If it’s possible, move the affected vehicle off the road and call for emergency assistance. Once the authorities have arrived, give them the information mentioned above. If you’ve witnessed a hit and run, give the investigating officer your information and be ready to serve as an official witness if required.

Provide Assistance to the Injured

Next, attend to the medical needs of anyone injured. Don’t move anyone who is seriously hurt, and don’t give medical aid unless you are qualified. Call the paramedics and wait for their arrival.

Seek Legal Advice

If you have questions about filing a claim after a hit-and-run accident, talk with a personal injury attorney in Minneapolis. These lawyers protect victims’ rights after these events and help them get the compensation they deserve.

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