Steps Needed For Tree Removal In Fairfield, Connecticut

If small trees were damaged during a hurricane and a homeowner would like to replace them with other trees, they can complete the following Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut project. After the new trees are planted, festive decorations can be added around the property when preparing for the upcoming holidays.


  *    metal shovel

  *    garden hoe

  *    power saw

  *    gloves

  *    hard hat

  *    goggles

  *    rake

  *    small trees

  *    soil

  *    water hose

  *    nozzle

  *    wood chips

  *    mulch

  *    wreaths

  *    hooks

  *    holiday lights

  *    power source

Remove Damaged Trees

To begin Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut, a metal shovel or garden hoe can be used to loosen soil surrounding the base of each tree that will be removed. After digging into the earth several inches, tree trunks will be wobbly. Trees can be pulled upward from the ground and trees should be moved to the side of the property so that a waste removal company can pick them up when other household trash is picked up.

If trees are difficult to remove by hand, a power saw can be used to cut wood into smaller pieces. Before using a power saw, safety gear should be put on, so an individual is not at risk of becoming injured. Small branches can be raked into a pile before disposing of debris.

Clear Property And Plant New Trees

After leveling property by moving a rake across it, a shovel can be used to dig holes that will be large enough to hold the roots of each new tree that is being planted. After planting trees, soil should be used to fill holes and the dirt that surrounds each tree needs to be watered. Soil should be moist so that roots receive plenty of water.

Wood chips or mulch can be spread around the base of trees. Either material will help the soil retain moisture. If wreaths are hung outdoors, hooks can be secured to a front porch or a door before hanging a wreath from each one.

To complete decorating for the holidays, strings of lights can be wound around railings or fencing before plugging electrical cords into a power source. If a homeowner needs assistance with caring for trees or removing them, they can Visit the website of Northeast Horticultural Services or a similar business.

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