Steps for Waterproofing Walls

When it comes to repairing a wall, your biggest concern naturally is whether or not your fix will be a shorter- or long-term solution. Ordinary coatings and paints do not provide characteristics of long-term performance, such as expansion, waterproofing and breathability. Fortunately, waterproofing systems for walls can help in these areas, thus offering multiple advantages over your traditional systems.

Waterproofing Walls
One of the chief benefits of waterproofing walls with solid waterproofing materials is that they feature tensile strength and superior elongation so as to provide a flexible yet strong membrane coating. These materials also have higher solid content, thus giving you a much thicker coat after it has fully cured. As a result, you save in labor compared to conventional painting systems. Also, the application methods associated with these products can deliver consistent accuracy and thickness, thus making it less likely that you will need extensive masking while also resulting in little waste and overspray.

Wall Types
Leading companies in the industry offer systems that are fluid applied and are proven to be effective in the restoration and repair of a majority of existing wall types. These wall types include the exterior insulation finishing system, or EIFS, as well as wood, concrete block, brick and stucco. The highest-quality systems today are designed to last much longer than a majority of the wall restoration systems currently on the market.

Waterproofing Tips
Before using waterproofing materials for walls, you should first remove all surface contaminants so as to expose the surface that will be receiving your new materials. You can clean the surface with a quality high-pressure spray washer along with clean water and a professional surface cleaner, which will enable you to remove buildup such as dirt and loose debris. Then, you should repair all defective joints and cracks in your wall through the process of tuck pointing and apply flashing mastic and reinforcement fabric to all wall fixtures, pipes and protrusions.

Experts in the area of waterproofing walls can guide you through the process of preparing your wall to be restored or repaired using superior wall systems that will get you the results you need long-term.

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