Stay Warm And Cozy With Oil Furnace Services

Many people dread winter: plummeting temperatures, frosty mornings, hail, and even snow. It can be difficult to get out of bed, especially in a chilly house. Using an efficient heating system can transform winter from a major burden to a minor nuisance. It is best to be prepared by setting up a system before winter strikes.

Oil furnaces are a solution for people living in very cold climates. Some houses do not have gas lines; therefore, they cannot use gas furnaces. The solution is to use an oil furnace. This results in an efficient heating system for the winter months. Oil furnace services in Broomfield CO such as Home Run Heating & Air Cooling are required to install a furnace into a home.

What Is an Oil Furnace?

An oil furnace is a machine that converts oil into heat. Oil first needs to be stored in a tank. When needed, it is pumped towards a burner. During this process, the oil becomes a mist that gets mixed with air. This mixture is fed into the burner and ignited. The heat from the burner is then distributed throughout the household. This is done by using either a water heating system or a hot air system.

Types of Heating Systems

There are two types of water heating systems. One uses steam and the other hot water. In a steam system, water is first heated in an iron or steel boiler. The steam rises through pipes. It then flows through vents and is distributed throughout the household. A hot water system also heats water in a boiler. The heated water then flows directly to radiators and dashboards where it is distributed.

In a hot air system, the furnace heats air directly. This air is then blown throughout a house using ducts and vents. Oil furnace services are necessary to install either of these systems.

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