Start Your Day in a Delicious way With a Fresh Bagel

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Restaurant

Do you know what the majority of the Americans would love to have for breakfast? A fresh bagel. Yes, you heard it right. Fresh bagels are considered one of the most popular foods that people in America would prefer to eat in the morning. Freshly cooked bagels can easily fill that empty space in your tummy and provide you the energy to carry on your work all day long.

Popularity of the Fresh Bagel for Breakfast

*    As per statistics, more than 61% of Americas said they prefer eating bagels for breakfast. Most of the people in New York prefer eating bagels twice a week for breakfast.
*    Almost 54% of people eat fresh bagels for breakfast as they do not prefer eating frozen bagels.
   Around 77% of the people eat bagels as the main course for breakfast. That is, they eat bagels fresh with cream cheese, butter and jelly.

Different Varieties of Fresh Bagels

Getting bagels fresh are available in more varieties than you can buy at the market. The most commonly available ones are:

1. Mini Bagels: Mini bagels are made of many of the same things normal sized bagels are. They are suited for kids or those with a mini appetite. Mini bagels contain no trans fat, are cholesterol free and have no high fructose corn syrup. There are many varieties of mini bagels that are available in the market. Plain bagels, poppy seed, sesame seed and cinnamon raisin are a few.
2. Giant Bagels: Giant bagels are 20 ounce bagels. Giant bagels are used to make sandwiches. Giant bagels are available in different flavors such as plain giant bagels, whole wheat, sesame, onion and poppy seed.
3. Flat Bagels: Freshly baked flat bagels are also known as Flagels. There are many customers who love to eat flat bagels as they are crunchier outside and have less bulk. Flat bagels are available in a variety of flavors.


A fresh bagel is very popular among Americans. Many people love eating fresh bagels for breakfast as they are filling and tasty. It goes well with cream cheese, butter and is even used to prepare sandwiches with meat or vegetables. For freshly baked and mouth-watering bagels, visit Bagelville today.

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