Stack The Deck For A Fun Class Reunion Party

When’s the last time you enjoyed going to a class reunion? Unfortunately, as much as you like the thought of reconnecting with the old gang, it’s not uncommon for the event to be a bit of a disappointment. Or worse, a bore. But it doesn’t have to be that way because you can put more pep in the get together with a casino party theme.

Name Your Game

A casino party can bring Las Vegas to you. Well, to your class reunion. The tables, professional dealers and accessories are provided so everyone is treated to a realistic gambling parlor experience, without the gambling. It’s all about the fun of taking chances around the black jack table, roulette wheel, slot machines and poker game, but with funny money and faux chips. By the end of the night, hopefully you’ve made the rounds.

Talk It Up

Face it, when classmates start reaching for their wallets to pass around the latest pictures of their kids, or for the later class reunions, the grandkids, your eyes start to glaze over. There are only so many ‘oohs’ and ‘awwws’ that a person can manage with true sincerity. Give guests at your next class reunion something to bond over other than stories about adorable offspring or tiresome medical conditions.

Imagine the scenario when the ex-football players and cheerleaders are crowded around the roulette wheel, whooping it up just like the good ‘ol days. Or the former chess club members are holding the cards close to their chests at the black jack table. It’s bound to be a fun night for everyone.

And, who knows? There might even be time to sneak a peek at one or two family snapshots before it’s time to bid adieu for a few more years. In the meantime, there will be good memories of the casino party class reunion to remember.

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