Spotlight on A615: A665, Software and More!

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Business

The team here at Avionics Interface Technologies is proud to offer our ARINC-615 A Data Loader Development Kit. AIT’s ARINC-615 data loaders are commonly used for high-performance flight modules, test and simulation modules, and other support systems for the commercial aerospace and defense industries. Read up on some of the specifics of this development kit to see if it’s the right fit for you and your business.

The Basics
ARINC, short for Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated, was established in 1929. To this day it remains a major provider of systems engineering solutions and transport communications for industries around the world. A615 is a family of standards that covers a data loading protocol. These standards, which are routinely updated and edited, are produced by the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee. These standards explain the ground rules for data loading. It maintains the standards for line-replaceable units, which means that modular units of ships, airplanes, or spacecrafts can be easily replaced in any location.

Some Specifics
The A615 offers many great features, including:

* Intuitive GUI
* Command line A615A dataload and A665 media set operations
* Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux supported
* Supports multiple simultaneous load operations

Multiple Operations
Repetitive operations are easier than ever with this technology. A615A data load and A665 media operations are supported at the command line, which allows for multiple operations to be scripted simultaneously. A665 software can be used to create media sets from raw software payloads. They can then be integrated into a user application, utilizing well-defined API. This software, as previously mentioned is Windows and Linux compatible, further easing the scripting of multiple operations.

Programming Interfaces
High level APIs are provided, supporting TFTP and A615A data load operations. The A615A offers simple functions that allow user applications to initiate all data load operations, including FIND, Upload, Information, and more. APIs are provided with complete documentation, as well as source code sample applications that demonstrate use. TFTP and A615A can even be used together to support integrated applications. The software we offer here at ATI can also be configured to execute A615A data loader operation in the same user interface as ARINC-664/ADFX operations.

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